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Thermobreak® AcoustiPlus

Thermobreak® AcoustiPlus is a new generation physically cross-linked polyolefin foam-based duct liner with a partially-open-cell structure. Fibre-free and meeting international fire and smoke standards, Thermobreak Acoustiplus demonstrates excellent acoustic properties whilst providing outstanding thermal performance.

Low Water Absorption

It has extremely low water absorption thus preventing bacterial growth and odours commonly associated with fibrous based duct lining. Thermobreak® AcoustiPlus is supplied with reinforced aluminium foil and is available with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Optimum Technical Performance

  • Excellent sound absorption even at low thicknesses.
  • Solves tight clearance issues with its very low thermal conductivity; k = 0.035 W/mK @ 23oC (0.25 BTU.in/h.ft2 @ 73oF).
  • Low water vapour permeance means no additional vapour barriers or coatings are required.

Fire and Smoke Standards Approved

  • British Standard BS 476 (Class 0)
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 1530.3
  • ASTM E84 (25/50)

Health, Safety and the Environment

  • Completely user friendly and does not emit fibres or dust during installation or in service.
  • Non-irritant, odourless, and does not support bacterial growth.
  • Anti-Microbial and Low VOC for improved Indoor Air Quality.
  • Green Star compliant, Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), Made without Ozone destroying agents such as CFCs or HCFCs.
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management system.




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