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Dektite Combo EPDM

The DEKS™ Dektite Combo EPDM is suitable for new and retrofit applications on metal roofs – simply cut the cone along the marked seam and apply provided aluminium clips when flashing around the installed pipe. The malleable aluminium base easily moulds to almost all roofing profiles.

  • Roof Pitch: 0-40°
  • Penetration range: 5mm to 760mm
  • Application: metal roofs
  • Temperature range: -50˚C to 115˚C
  • Resistance: UV rated
  • Material/Colour: Black EPDM polymer rubber, edged with a corrosion-resistant aluminium band

Dektite polymer flashings have been tested and comply with applicable Australian and New Zealand Standards. For guidance on good flashing design and installation methods, refer to the New Zealand Metal Roof Manufacturers Association Code of Practice and NZBC E2/AS1.


Nominal Pipe Diameter (mm)Base Size (mm)Part NumberMaterial / Colour
5-60141×141DC101BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
45-85181×181DC102BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
5-127221×221DC103BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
75-175287×287DC104BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
108-190368×368DC105BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
125-230368×368DC106BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
150-280456×456DC107BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
175-330456×456DC108BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
240-508707×707DC109BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
350-7601017×1067DC110BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium
Nominal Pipe Diameter (mm)Base Size (mm)Part NumberMaterial / Colour
20-125221×221DCS103BCEPDM  / Black and Aluminium

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