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DEKS™ Pipe Joiners

DEKS™ Pipe Joiners are a great solution for joining or repairing pipe sections in non-pressure applications.


DEKS™ Joiners are made from a highly flexible rubber polymer and equipped with 316 stainless steel bands for extreme durability.

They are WaterMark approved and comply with AS/NZS 4327 standard, offering plumbers peace of mind.

DEKS™ offers a full range of pipe joiners to suit OD range 32-317mm.

Diameter DN (mm)Pipe OD Range (mm)Part NumberDescription
3232-386001-UDeks Joiner 32 PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
4038-466002-UDeks Joiner 40 PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
5050-616003-UDeks Joiner 50 PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
6563-726004-UDeks Joiner 65 PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
8076-856005-UDeks Joiner 80 PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
9083 – 936069-UDeks Joiner 90 Stormwater PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
100105-1126006-UDeks Joiner 100 PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
150155-1656010-UDeks Joiner 150 PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
225247- 2526028-UDeks Joiner 225 PVC-PVC Blk ePVC
Earthenware – PVC
100135/142 – 105/1146007-UDeks Joiner 100 EW-PVC Blk ePVC
150155 -1656011-UDeks Joiner 150 EW-PVC Blk ePVC
225277/284 – 247/2526027-UDeks Joiner 225 EW-PVC EPDM
300365/371 – 310/3176032-UDeks Joiner 300 EW-PVC EPDM
4038/46 – 30/386048-UDeks Joiner 40-32 PVC Reducer Blk ePVC
100105/112 – 83/946050-UDeks Joiner 100-80/90 PVC Blk ePVC
100105/114 – 115/1246051-UDeks Joiner 100 PVC-AC/DI Join Blk ePVC
End Caps
4038-466020-UDeks Joiner 40 PVC End Cap Blk ePVC
6563-726022-UDeks Joiner 65 PVC End Cap Blk ePVC
8076-856023-UDeks Joiner 80 PVC End Cap Blk ePVC
100105-1126009-UDeks Joiner 100 PVC End Cap Blk ePVC
100135/142 – 105/1146019-UDeks Joiner 100 EW End Cap
150155-1656024-UDeks Joiner 150 PVC End Cap Blk ePVC

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