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Norseal® V770 PVC Foam Tape

Soft black closed cell PVC.

Light, dust, air and water seal for irregular and flimsy substrates. Automotive approved meets FMVS302 flammability standard. Precast concrete walls and form. Controlled environments.

  • Low density foam suitable for sealing of thin gauge metals and plastics.
  • 30% compression provides an excellent seal against light, dust and water in mechanically fastened assemblies.
  • Excellent resistance to weather, fungi and oxidation provides a long sealing life.
  • Will not crack in cold temperatures.
  • Superb closed cell structure of foam provides a positive seal.
  • Low force to compress means faster and easier formation of a positive seal.
  • Flexibility facilitates use in radius corners.
  • Low density sealant allows easy assembly of large wall systems.
  • Flame resistant to meet FMVSS 302.
  • Curtainwall
  • Precast concrete walls
  • Refrigeration
  • Telecommunications
  • Pneumatic system seals
  • Retail weatherstrip
  • Bus and off-road vehicles
  • Air conditioning
  • Environmentally controlled rooms

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