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Thermalbond® V2200 PU Spacer Tape

Thermalbond® V2200 spacer tape is available in a wide range of thicknesses and configurations with black or grey colour, utilising high-strength acrylic adhesive on both sides of the foam. The two-sided adhesive configuration delivers secure temporary bonding, insuring stability of the glazing components during the silicone curing cycle.

  • Open-cell structure allows air and moisture to reach the silicone for optimum curing of the silicone.
  • Semi-rigid polyurethane foam is compatible with all silicone tested.
  • Low thermal conductivity improves the performance of the wall and can support LEED points.
  • Excellent resistance to temperature variations, fungi and oxidation.
  • Structural glazing spacer
  • Thermal break in window, door and wall systems
  • Bonding of wide joints

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